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    Post  Minerguy on Wed 06 Oct 2010, 2:23 am

    What is your RuneScape display name? minerguy281
    What are your current stats, and what are your goals? (Supply picture if possible) 62 cb, 77 str, 70 mage, 80 range, 77 hp, 10 def, 13 pry, 81 cooking, 77 fish, 54 smith, 69 mine, 73 woodcutt, 70 fm, 65 craft, 60 runecraft
    In which timezone are you based? If you aren't sure, just let us know where you are from. England so GMT
    Are you currently subscribed to RuneScape Membership on your account? No
    Do you have any previous experience in clans? If so, who with? Are you currently actively involved with another clan, on any account? yes i have been in a few fail clans and no im am not involved with another clan atm
    Why do you wish to become a member of Inhibition? Because i am looking for a low lvl clan

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    Post  Mike on Wed 06 Oct 2010, 8:28 pm

    Accepted, welcome to Inhibition! Feel free to join us in our IRC Channel by clicking on this link and getting to know everyone Smile.

    The following is an important topic for you to read to help get you settled in to life here.

    We also have an event coming up this weekend; so review the topic here, and feel free to invite your friends if you'd like. We're still new, so the more the merrier and we'd love for more people to join.

    Any problems? Don't hesitate to ask.


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