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    Post  Pierz on Sun 10 Oct 2010, 4:34 am

    Firstly, apologies for the compulsive shift in approach, I know this may seem highly frustrating and I fully appreciate that Inhibitions beginning was to, extremely slow. This isn't the kind of situation you would like to occur. However having said that we felt that a change of approach was necessary. Me and Mike felt that Inhibition's approach was a little too unorthodox; for this reason we've shifted our angle of entrance. Instead of continuing with Inhibition we have opted to reopen Elysium, and aim to reclaim our former position within the pure community.

    This alteration also means a change in our objectives; instead of being purposely ignorant to our surroundings (Pure Warfare) we have decided that it would be beneficial, and easier if we were an active participant in the pure community. Anyway, to the point. Inhibition is no longer, and Elysium will take its place. We have used Inhibition as a basis for Elysium's restart; commandeering the majority of its topics, and most importantly its member base. All former Inhibition members will be automatically accepted upon application/registry [Apply if you want to full up our applications section].

    The are no major changes, the only one being Jake/Eezey's appointment to Leader. This is to distribute the workload. Seeing as Jake is renowned for his work with Elysium (On Pure Warfare) I felt that it was appropriate he undertook his former-leadership role.

    Thank you, and a second apology for the disorganization and compulsiveness of myself and Mike. Remember to remain active.


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