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    Who are Inhibition? Inhibition-8340772
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    Nostalgic for times gone by, Inhibition is a clan born of the belief that we deserve better.
    Founded by notable members of pure clan history, specifically out of retirement for this single purpose, we return to set the record straight.
    Carefully constructed to go against the grain of conformity, if you don't know our names yet, you soon will.

    Passion, Pride, Prestige. Release your

    Who are Inhibition? Intro
    Operating under old-age concepts and ideology Inhibition is built around the community it is apart of. Unaware of passive change many clans have altered their ideals, their fundamentals have been subtly manipulated; in turn we have witnessed inevitable changes within our community throughout the ages. We aim to suppress, inhibit these changes. Our community, as if family, we share a subconscious connection with each other; we can predict, and understand the actions of our peers.

    Our community is friendlier than any other, our member basis conforms to the highest of standards, our staff skeleton is comprised of individuals with extensive clan history. Each individual possessing years of clanning experience; many having served in the most renowned clans. However, a clan loses its functionality without members; Inhibitions members demonstrate their enthusiasm, their intellect and their maturity repeatedly, on both domestic and foreign soil. Not to mention their aptitude in-game.

    Passion is an underlying value in Inhibition; it fuels our lust for success, and it fuels our community. Each discipline, whether it be forums or IRC is alive with an abundance of activity. This is where Inhibitions heart lies; our community. With a variety of community-orientated features and events in development; we aim to cater for not only our members - but the community; prospect applicants, rivals, veteran old timers and strangers.

    Who are Inhibition? History

    Mainly comprised of former Bloody Brains, Redemption Pures and Elysium staff, Inhibition is gifted with some of the most knowledge, competent and mature staff and members alike. Many having served in various clans with each other prior to the birth of Inhibition. Because of this Inhibition has a distinct advantage over many developing clans. Through the close relationships shared between the staff and members we witness the creation of a formidable force. Unrestricted by community stereotypes and expectations, separate from the superficial beliefs of many clans; a self sufficient, independent family has been conceived.

    Who are Inhibition? Requirementscopy

    1. All applicants are required to have at least one out of Ranged, Magic and Strength above Level 50.
    2. All applicants are required to have a Constitution Level greater than 25.
    3. All applicants must not have a Defence Level in excess of Level 20.

    Who are Inhibition? Events
    Inhibition, while having primarily a strong emphasis on development of both character and community will be focused on gaining ascendancy within the pure clan world. We intend to do this by being highly active in the wild, and in the hunting of clans, something that once upon a time a prominent feature of any strong clan, however has since seemed to have lost its way. Secondarily, we will have a strong involvement in the clan wars arena, with any clan willing to take up our offer.

    Upon opening, we will host events, and pictures will be edited in to the topic here.

    Who are Inhibition? Conclusion

    Whether you are a prospective applicant or simply passing through, thank you for dedicating your time to gaining an insight into Inhibition. Our site is as follows; Our IRC Channel is; #Inhibition. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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