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    Clan Rules Empty Clan Rules

    Post  Pierz on Thu 09 Sep 2010, 12:15 am

    Despite our conventional laid back attitude; we still pride ourselves in upholding an untarnished and respectable attitude, in both domestic and foreign environments. To ensure each and every member understands how to conduct themselves, a list of guidelines have been formulated. Upon application you must specify that you have read, and understood these rules; adhering to the following rules should not exceed anybody's capabilities. It is our prerogative that you have a fun, yet influential and educational experience here in Inhibition; and that can only be achieved through the creation of a symbiotic relationship between staff and members.

    Similar to a traditional pure clan, we still comply with the stereotypical rule structure. The following actions are not to be conducted under any circumstances;

    1. Teleporting in any Player versus player instance(s).
    2. Protection prayers; are prohibited in a One versus One situation.
    3. Pile jumping ('PJing') and 'Tagging' are strictly forbidden.
    4. Betrayal; otherwise known as backstabbing.
    5. Acts of deceit; hacking and/or scamming for instance.

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