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    Post  Jake | Liquido on Sat 18 Sep 2010, 7:33 am

    Hey, Inhibition.

    I'm Jake, but you can call me Eezey/Liquido/Jack or Jake if you please. I'm nearly 16 years old (few days away) and live in Alberta, Canada. My interests are computers, sports and socializing with friends. I'm rather shy IRL, but I speak my mind over the Internet. I'm an ambitious guy and have high goals set for myself in real life.


    I lived in Canada for 13 years, then moved to Poland for 3 years and moved back to Canada 2 months ago. I'm 6", in grade 10 and love weight lifting, footy, badminton, volleyball and basketball.

    RS career:

    I first started out in '06. I had a few mains, blah blah blah, then I made my first pure - 00xo0x. 00xo0x joined Noob Squad with many famous players such as 3 Hit U Pure. I soon quit and join Ancient Pures with Theuberelite. 00xo0x was banned eventually and I made a new pure - S a c r e d. Here's where I started professional clanning. I first started out with a few smaller clans including The Pure Forces and Evolution Purez (with Zo). After that, I moved on to The Hatred. I spent 6 months in The Hatred and eventually became a senior member. After S a c r e d was banned, I made Oh Its A Box which lead me to joining Epidemic for 2 weeks. After Oh Its A Box was banned, I made Sacred Jnr, whom I barely played and was only in Epidemic for 2 months and lead Disturbed for 3 months. I then made Cp Fails Tbh. I joined Ascendency on him and foolishly left after 3 months to remake Disturbed. I then made my favorite pure - Eezey. This is where I met Pierz. I joined a clan called Elysium. I made a lot of friends there who I still have contact with to this date. After 3 months, Pierz semi-quit and me and Jozz took over Elysium. It only lasted 2 weeks despite our efforts and we closed it. After that, me and StiX from Elysium made a clan called Apathy which died after a month. We then both joined Scourge, lead by Frewin (ex-Disturbed founder) and we were in that for a month before I was promoted to leader, and eventually closed it.

    After Runescape, I got into private servers. I lead No Limits on a server called Deltascape for 4 months which ended up being #1. I also joined Team Beards, a clan run by Ex-Di members (including their warlord - Oergg). It was then that I learned to call piles properly, tank properly and be a good returner.

    Tl;dr version:

    Had a few pures. Most were banned for Scamming. Some got defence. Still have Eezey to this day (101 combat). Was in clans like Epidemic, Elysium, Disturbed, Ascendency, The Hatred. Met Pierz in EL. Quit RS. Went to P-servers. Made a clan on a server. Joined a clan with Ex-Di members on another server and learned to war like a pro.

    Kudos to you if you read the long version.

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    Post  Pierz on Sat 18 Sep 2010, 4:23 pm

    I read the long version and the tl;dr version. Glad you've decided to join. Anyway, great intro you've obviously put quite a bit of effort into it. Welcome to Inhibition.

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