Forum guidelines.


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    Forum guidelines.

    Post  Pierz on Fri 10 Sep 2010, 1:16 am

    Forum guidelines.

    To ensure that a standardized level of mature is upheld throughout the forum. A list of guidelines have been compiled, these guidelines are simple, concise and easy to follow. The underlying values of these forum guidelines must be maintained at all times.

    1. Respect A vital asset to any community; you must be respectful towards your peers. In return, the equivalent amount of respect will be returned. This implies that; Pejorative language is prohibited, the use of ill mannered speak is also strictly prohibited. An adequate measurement of respect must be dealt to all users of the forum, whether staff or user.

    2. Discussion value Please ensure your topic has a clear point and some discussion value, anything else will be regarded as spam. Controversial topics should be handled with extreme care; remember other users may have a different perspective on a subject to you.

    3. Pornographic content Pornographic content is strictly forbidden, inappropriate pictures should be reported to an administrator or moderator as soon as possible; via the built in report feature.

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