Don't meet the requirements?


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    Don't meet the requirements? Empty Don't meet the requirements?

    Post  Mike on Fri 10 Sep 2010, 12:07 am

    Don't meet the requirements just yet? No problems! We have developed a special rank just for you.

    The recruit rank provides an opportunity for our prospective future applicants to get a chance to fight alongside the rest of our clan and get a unique insight in to the way our clan functions. In order to be eligible, you need only follow the following process;

    1. Similar to the normal application process, you will need to apply for this position, to do so, start by creating a new topic.
    2. In the field "Title of the topic" please enter your RuneScape display name.
    3. Simply copy and paste the form at the end of this post, and fill in your answers honestly!
    4. Submit your post, and wait for it to be approved! Feel free to take a look around forums, and our chat while you wait.

    [b]What is your RuneScape display name?[/b]
    [b]What are your current stats, and what are your goals?[/b]
    [b]In which timezone are you based? If you aren't sure, just let us know where you are from.[/b]
    [b]Are you currently subscribed to RuneScape Membership on your account?[/b]
    [b]Do you have any previous experience in clans? If so, who with? Are you currently actively involved with another clan, on any account?[/b]
    [b]Why do you wish to become a recruit of Inhibition?[/b]

    Thank you, and good luck!

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